Emerald Isle

North Carolina Climate

Rare Air: A Look at the Cold Air Outbreak on January 7

We recently saw -- and felt -- some of the coldest temperatures in more than a decade all across the state. On Tuesday morning, much of the coast dropped... (Read more)

Winter Storm Memories from Blog Readers and Writers

Last week, we looked ahead to the upcoming winter. Today, we want to look back and share a few stories of memorable winter storms as told by blog readers... (Read more)

Winter 2013-14 Outlook for North Carolina

This is the final part of our 2013-14 winter outlook series, which includes our official winter outlook based on clues from global climate patterns. This... (Read more)

Winter Outlook 2013-14: Forecasts from Winter Folklore

This is the third part in our four-part 2013-14 winter outlook series. Our previous posts looked at the causes and impacts and climatology of major snow... (Read more)

Winter Outlook 2013-14: How Rare are our Big Winter Events?

This is the second part in our four-part 2013-14 winter outlook series. The first post recalled some major winter storms in North Carolina and their causes... (Read more)

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