Lake Junaluska

North Carolina Climate

Century Since the Storm: Story of the Storm

When you think about memorable hurricanes in North Carolina, names like Fran, Floyd, Isabel, and Irene might come to mind. Perhaps you even remember older... (Read more)

Severe Weather Hazards: Spring and Summer of 2013

Severe weather in North Carolina Flooding on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill, NC -- June 30thcan be extremely hazardous to those in the path of a storm; however,... (Read more)

Different Observation Times Can Have a Big Impact

If you happened to be curious about how much it rained yesterday, you would probably be looking for how much rain fell on that exact date, from midnight... (Read more)

Last Chance For Sea Breeze

Escaping from the heat is on the minds of many this time of year, even with the mild summer that we have had in 2013. The two locations that come to mind... (Read more)

Halfway through summer... What summer?

This week marks the halfway point for summer, and the first series of days in quite a while that have "typical" summer weather in North Carolina. How does... (Read more)

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