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North Carolina Climate

Rapid Reaction: 3 Observations about Last Night's Winter Weather

Just a week after a quick round of snow dusted much of North Carolina, last night's event brought an even heartier helping of winter weather to the state.... (Read more)

Lake Effect Snow in North Carolina? It's Happening Today!

When you hear the term "lake effect snow", you probably think of the Great Lakes phenomenon that gives cities like Buffalo, NY, several feet of snow each... (Read more)

Rare Air: A Look at the Cold Air Outbreak on January 7

We recently saw -- and felt -- some of the coldest temperatures in more than a decade all across the state. On Tuesday morning, much of the coast dropped... (Read more)

First Freeze for Autumn 2013: How Does it Compare?

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will likely produce the first freeze events of the season across most of the lower elevations of North Carolina (higher... (Read more)

Century Since the Storm: Road to Recovery

This is the fourth and final part of our weeklong blog post series Century Since the Storm. Several days after the storm passed through and the rains... (Read more)

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