River in the Highlands

North Carolina Climate

Winter Outlook 2013-14: How Rare are our Big Winter Events?

This is the second part in our four-part 2013-14 winter outlook series. The first post recalled some major winter storms in North Carolina and their causes... (Read more)

Winter Outlook 2013-14: Anatomy of a Winter Storm

This is the first part in our four-part 2013-14 winter outlook series. The first two posts this year will look back at some memorable major snow and ice... (Read more)

Summer 2013 Recap and Fall Outlook

If you've been in North Carolina for the last few years, you would be forgiven for thinking this summer felt almost out of place. The heat and drought... (Read more)

Nothing Could Be Finer: A Look Back at our Seasonable Spring

As anyone who spent time outdoors over the past few months can attest, the idyllic spring of 2013 is one for the memory banks, and it turns out that it's... (Read more)

Winter 2012-13 Outlook for North Carolina

Over the past two weeks, we have covered four different winter forecasting techniques, ranging from fun traditions (the woolly worm and farmers' almanacs)... (Read more)

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