Linville Gorge

North Carolina Climate

Summer Projects: Building a Tool for Easy Mapping

This post is part of a series highlighting the summer projects from our office's undergraduate research assistants. This post was written by Rachel Bobyak,... (Read more)

Weather and Fossils Collide at the Aurora Fossil Festival

655 sharks teeth in a CoCoRaHS gauge! Part of the mission of the State Climate Office is to increase public awareness of variations in North Carolina's... (Read more)

Heavy Rain by Any Other Name Still has an Impact

We conclude our series on CoCoRaHS March Madness with some perspective on heavy rain events and how CoCoRaHS observations are used. Heavy rain goes... (Read more)

Two NC CoCoRaHS Observers Share Their Stories

We continue our series on CoCoRaHS March Madness with profiles of two observers in North Carolina. Are you Cuckoo for CoCoRaHS?! These two North Carolinians... (Read more)

Let the CoCoRaHS March Madness Begin!

The post is the first in a series focusing on the CoCoRaHS Network, and the 2015 March Madness campaign. More rain is on the way for North Carolina... (Read more)

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