North Carolina Climate

Summer and Tropical Outlook: What Effects Might El NiƱo Have?

This time of year, our thoughts often turn to the ocean. It's a great place for a vacation, and often a welcome relief from stress and heat. As climatologists,... (Read more)

From Top to Bottom, Global Conditions May Shape Winter's Polar Jet Stream

This is the third part of our 2014-15 winter outlook series. Following our discussion of ENSO and its possible impacts, today we cover two other global... (Read more)

Is El NiƱo a Go? The Latest on Pacific Patterns

This is the second part of our 2014-15 winter outlook series. We previously covered forecasts from folklore, and today we dip into the Pacific to see... (Read more)

Summer 2014 Outlook: Eye on the Oceans

This is the third post in our summer outlook series. This post looks at the conditions in the Pacific, the Atlantic, and in North Carolina. Following... (Read more)

Winter El NiƱo Events Often Take Root in the Spring

Although our winter just ended, the weather conditions half a world away in the western Pacific Ocean may already be shaping how our next winter will turn... (Read more)

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