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North Carolina Climate

Summer Heat Hangs On in a Dry July

As we crossed the midpoint of summer, hot and dry conditions again prevailed in July. The infographic below includes some statewide headlines from the... (Read more)

June Sees Sizzling Heat, Emerging Drought, and Damaging Storms

Was June hot enough for you? Temperatures hit the 90s and 100s across the state last month, with dry conditions in the west and storms in the east. The... (Read more)

A Warm, Dry May Wraps Up a Similar Spring

May saw above-normal temperatures continue and a return of dry conditions, especially in western North Carolina. The infographic below includes some statewide... (Read more)

April Showers Alleviate Lingering Dryness

After several months of dry weather in western North Carolina, April saw plenty of precipitation across that region along with above-normal temperatures... (Read more)

March Warmed Up and Dried Out Across NC

We put the winter behind us last month as temperatures regularly hit the 60s and 70s, although we did endure some cooler days as well. The infographic... (Read more)

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