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North Carolina Climate

April Showers Alleviate Lingering Dryness

After several months of dry weather in western North Carolina, April saw plenty of precipitation across that region along with above-normal temperatures... (Read more)

March Warmed Up and Dried Out Across NC

We put the winter behind us last month as temperatures regularly hit the 60s and 70s, although we did endure some cooler days as well. The infographic... (Read more)

Winter Recap 2014-15: A Warm Start with a Frigid, Frozen Finish

Today we revisit North Carolina's winter, including a seasonal summary, a review of predictions from folklore and our own winter outlook, and an ENSO update... (Read more)

Fe-BRRRR-uary Was Cold and Wintry in NC

February may be the shortest month, but we packed in plenty of cold weather and frozen precipitation during the past 28 days. The infographic below includes... (Read more)

January Brought Near-Normal Conditions to NC

We started 2015 with average temperatures and precipitation that ranked near their normal values across the state. The infographic below includes some... (Read more)

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